3 Best App Compatible Parcel Delivery Boxes of 2021

#1 BenchSentry Package Lockbox

BenchSentry Specifications

Dimensions35 x 23 x 25 inch 
MaterialImpact and Weather Resistant Thermoplastic
Lock typekeypad
Batteries requiredBenchSentry mobile app
Assembly requiredAssembly and Setup Required
Our Rating9.5/10

There are a variety of options and features that come with this delivery box. You can leave it unlocked until the driver arrives and then when they deliver your package it will lock when closed.  You can program a code that uses the last four digits of the tracking number of the package or you can create a code for a friend or family member.

One of the best things about this delivery box is that it is large so even if you get a lot of packages or large boxes it should still fit inside. One of the important things to take into consideration is that this Delivery Box requires both a wifi connection and a power outlet as it doesn’t use batteries. The bench sentry mobile app is straightforward and easy to use and its size, design, and options make it our first choice.

#2 Yale Smart Delivery Box

Yale Smart Delivery Box Specifications

Dimensions28 x 24.63 x 19 inches
Lock typekeypad
Batteries requiredYes (1 CR2 Battery)
APPYale Access app
Assembly requiredAssembly is required
Our Rating9.5/10

Coming in second place is the Yale Smart Delivery Box.  This is another great new and innovative Delivery Box. It is compatible with the Yale Access app and has a variety of features for ease of use. This box is designed to remain unlocked until the first delivery is made and locks after the lid is closed.  It can come with a keypad incase you need to give someone else access to it or you get multiple deliveries on the same day.

In addition to being easy to use, it also has an insert for food deliveries that can be purchased with it to keep hot things hot and cold things cold thus giving you the option to transform it for receiving food deliveries.  The Yale Access App will give you a notification when your packages are delivered. When you want to pick up your packages it can be opened with the press of a button on your phone making it a convenient and practical choice.

#3 QR Lock Box

QR Lockbox Specifications

Dimensions22 x 16 x 14 inches
Lock typekeypad
Batteries requiredYes (4 AA batteries)
APPQRLocation app
Assembly requiredAssembly Required
Our Rating8.5/10

Our third choice is the QR Lockbox. It is made out of premium quality aluminum and has a unique design with a mail slot included. In addition it is one of the few options I’ve seen that allows you to mount your lock box on a wall if there is not enough space on the ground. However, the mounting bracket is sold separately. The size of this lockbox is a little on the smaller side but would be a perfect fit for those who have a smaller porch or want to fit a parcel box in a tight area.

The QRLocation App does not seem to give the same amount of features and options as our two previous choices as the app cannot open the parcel box. Currently it seems the App is still in development. All in all we thought this was a very innovative lockbox with unique features and due to this it made it on our list as the third choice.

#4 Loxx Boxx (Bonus Option)

Loxx Boxx Specifications

Dimensions41.5 x 16.5 x 24.5 inches
Lock typekeypad
Batteries requiredNo (Rechargeable Battery Pack)
APPLoxx Boxx app
Assembly requiredComes Fully Assembled
Our Rating6/10

This Runner up was originally our 3rd choice but then we found a fatal flaw that kicked it out. For those who prefer a steel construction over plastic we thought this would be a good option for you.  In addition to being made out of durable steel it also comes in a variety of colors branching out from your usual brown and grey plastic and comes in two sizes. Apart from this it also comes fully assembled letting you avoid the hassle of figuring out how to put it together.

The Loxx Boxx App can give you a notification when a delivery is made and allow you to monitor when the delivery box is opened. Its features and utility are comparable to our other choices. However, ultimately we do not recommend this as an app compatible choice because a subscription in required in order to use the Loxx Boxx App and I don’t see many people willing to pay for a subscription. As a stand alone Parcel Box it is a good choice although a little pricey and we would give it a 8.5/10 if we were ranking parcel boxes alone. Our App compatible rating is 6/10 due to the subscription (for me personally that puts it at a 0/10) paying monthly for something like this just really rubs me the wrong way. If you like this box and you’re willing to fork out a few bucks every month to use their app you can check out this delivery box to see if its the one for you.

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