The 3 Best Parcel Boxes in 2021

There are few things more frustrating than ordering a product online and being unable to locate it.  Porch Pirates abound and many times the package is just not where you expect it to be. Our goal here at Delivery Guru is to help to solve this problem and get the package you order ending up in your hands every time.  Online orders are increasing at an astounding rate and there has never been a greater time or need to get a parcel box to protect your deliveries.  So without further ado here are the 3 best parcel boxes in 2021 that I recommend.

#1 Clevermade Parcel Lockbox S100 Series

The 3 Best Parcel Boxes in 2021 - Clevermade Parcel Lockbox S100 Series

Clevermade Specifications

Dimensions17.5 x 17.5 x 22.5 inches
Lock typekeypad/key
Batteries requiredYes
Assembly requiredYes
Our Rating9.5/10

The Clevermade Parcel Lockbox S100 Series is a great choice if you are looking for an inexpensive secure lockable delivery box.  It is one of the few parcel boxes on the market with a security code making it easy to access and secure.

 It is made from durable steel and can be anchored to the ground for additional security.  Assembly is required but Clevermade has created a simple walkthrough of how to assemble it on youtube.  You can watch that video here.

Keep in mind it is the a more affordable options so the materials and parts are not the best. To keep it in good condition I would put it in a place that is protected from the elements. Its a great choice for next to the front door.

You must also give delivery instructions to your delivery drivers to give them the code, find out how here.

#2 Keter Parcel Drop Box

The 3 Best Parcel Boxes in 2021 - Keter Parcel Drop Box

Keter Parcel Drop Box Specifications

Dimensions24.44 x 21.12 x 44.09 inches
Lock typepadlock
Batteries requiredNo
Assembly requiredYes
Our Rating9/10

The Keter Parcel Drop Box is another great choice if you are looking for a secure lockable delivery box.  This Parcel box seems to blend in better with outside decoration and has a more stylish look, making it more aesthetically pleasing than its competitors.

It is made out of a weather resistant resin and can be anchored to the ground for added security.  It’s simple design makes it easy for delivery drivers to deliver your package.  Its a good choice to put near the front door or at a gate.

#3 Dvault Deposit Vault

The 3 Best Parcel Boxes in 2021 - Dvault Dropbox

Dvault Deposit Vault Specifications

Dimensions‎19 x 19 x 40 inches
MaterialHeavy Duty Steel
Lock typelock and key
Batteries requiredNo
Assembly requiredNo (Fully Assembled)
Our Rating9.5/10

Our last choice is the Dvalut Deposit Vault.

The Dvault Deposit Vault is our third choice.  It is made out of Heavy Duty Galvanized Steel and is an extremely durable choice. This Product is a much more expensive option but for those looking for a secure Dropbox to leave near their gate this is the one I would recommend.

This Dropbox comes delivered fully assembled and will be delivered on a pallet. It is very heavy so make sure you’ve got someone to help you to put it into place.

Conclusion: Which are the Best Parcel Boxes?

In Conclusion, we recommend the Clevermade Parcel Lockbox S100 Series, if you are looking for an inexpensive and secure parcel box the Clevermade is the best choice,  Alternatively if you are looking for a secure easy to use stylish Parcel box we recommend the Keter Delivery Box. Lastly If you are looking for a Heavy Duty monster I’d Go with the Dvault Deposit Vault.

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