Clevermade Parcel Lockbox S100 Series Review

Online shopping has been increasing year after year and now receiving a package at your home is almost as common as receiving a letter in the mail.  As we transition more and more to online shopping, a delivery or parcel box becomes more and more necessary. In this Clevermade Parcel Lockbox S100 Series Review, I will go over the various features of the clevermade parcel lockbox. I hope I can help you decide if this is the parcel box for you.

Clevermade Parcel Lockbox S100 Series Review

Clevermade Parcel Lockbox S100 Series Review Specs

Dimensions17.5 x 17.5 x 22.5 inches
Lock typekeypad/key
Batteries requiredYes
Assembly requiredYes
Our Rating9.5/10

Overview of the Clevermade Parcel Lockbox

As a Delivery Professional I have seen many different types of parcel boxes.  There are a lot of choices out there and all of them have there own good points. However out of all the ones I’ve seen and used so far I’ve found this parcel box seems to have the best features for its price.  It is also one of the easiest to use.

Clevermade Parcel Lockbox Features


Clevermade Parcel Lockbox S100 Series Review

This Parcel Box is made out of durable steel and is quite sturdy compared to a lot of its plastic competitors. One of the features that makes this parcel box unique is it’s keypad.   This makes it easy and quick to open while also making sure your packages remain secure.  Batteries are required to use this feature but it is definitely convenient A key is also provided if you prefer the traditional lock and key or have trouble with the keypad.  In this case however you would have to leave it open to allow the delivery person to deliver the package. Both of these features are built into the design eliminating the need to purchase your own padlock and keeping your package protected from porch pirates.


There are 4 anchoring screws that are provided so that the parcel box can be anchored to either cement or wood making it easy to secure the parcel box to ensure it will not be stolen.

The anchoring point is inside the box ensuring that someone without access to the box can’t remove the anchoring screws

Protection from weather

This parcel box has been designed to protect your packages from the elements making sure your packages remain dry so they won’t be damaged when you receive them. Despite its weather resistant design I would make sure to keep my Parcel box as shielded from the elements as possible to ensure it has greater life expectancy.


With a width and length of 17.5 in and a depth of 22.5 the size is decent and will fit most packages parcels, and boxes. However, if you consistently get multiple larger boxes you’ll want to check out some options that are a little bigger. For the average consumer though, this parcel box is more than adequate and will fit about 90% of your packages.

Will it stop porch pirates?

A lot of Porch Pirates are opportunists they are look for something that’s visible and easy to grab. They usually won’t go up to your door unless they see an exposed package. For others the majority won’t go through the hassle of trying to break into a locked parcel box. They may however try to steal the entire thing so it is important that you anchor your lockbox down using an anchoring method.


Very affordable and good features for the price

Made of durable steel making it difficult to break into

The lid will lock upon closure with two different methods to unlock. It has a secure anchoring method to ensure the lockbox can’t be picked up and taken away.


Small size
SIze is a little small if you order a lot at once or large packages

Assembly is required
Assembly can be a hassle but there is a video demonstrating how to put this parcel box together you can watch it below

Code must be provided to delivery driver in order to open
Some drivers may find this box to time consuming to use in busier seasons.  Personally however I’ve yet to have too much trouble with it.

My Experience as a Delivery Driver

The first time I used this delivery box to deliver a package I did have a little bit of trouble opening it and I had to enter the code two times. However, since then I have had no issues with opening or closing this lockbox to deliver a package. It was easy to figure out, opens seamlessly, and always locks on closure. However, the code must be provided in order for your delivery people to use it.


The Clevermade Parcel Lockbox is probably the best choice out on the market right now. It is one of the more popular ones so more delivery people have seen it and know how to use it. It is also one of the cheaper ones and so it is also a very forgiving product even if you turn out not to like it. Although there are some newer parcel boxes that have better features like app compatibility and cameras. All in all this is the #1 Delivery Box I would recommend in 2021.

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