The Top 5 Delivery Signs for the Best Delivery Experience

Do you have a parcel box but the delivery driver just doesn’t use it.  Sometimes little things can make a big difference.  Posting Delivery Signs can make the difference on whether your package gets placed in your delivery box or gets placed by the door right next to it.

When choosing a sign, you want the wording to be large and straight to the point.  Drivers spend an average of 2-10 seconds at your door. If you have a sign with small wording or that is poorly positioned chances are they aren’t going to read or see the sign. So here are the 5 signs I would recommend to get your packages delivered to where you want them.

#1 Please Leave Packages and Deliveries Here Sign

Delivery Signs-Please Leave Packages and Delieveries Here Sign

This sign is perfect if you are trying to get your packages delivered to a specific location. It has large words, is extremely visible, and clearly indicates where you would like your packages delivered to.

This delivery sign is important because some parcel boxes look an awful lot like storage boxes and drivers don’t want to be caught on camera going through your front porch storage items.  A sign can help them know this is not a storage box but rather it is for deliveries.  Even if your delivery box clearly states deliveries on it, It may be difficult for them to see the wording so I would recommend this sign in almost every and all situations.

#2 Shhh! baby is sleeping sign

Delivery Signs-Shhh! baby is sleeping sign
  • Mother: “Finally she’s down for a nap.“
  • Doorbell: “Ding dong Ding dong” 
  • Dog: “bark!  bark bark bark!!!!  bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark bark!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 
  • Baby: wahh!!! wahhh!!! Wahhhh!!! 
  • Mother: sdfgjsadfkjhfksjdfhksadhf!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you’ve experienced this then you may want to get this delivery sign for your front door.  It is one of the biggest deterrents to doorbell ringing because people can relate to it and it directly appeals to people’s emotions and compassion. Also no one wants to deal with a pi**ed off mom.

#3 Crazy Dogs Live Here Sign

Delivery Signs-Crazy Dogs Live Here Sign

Similar to the experience of the frustrated mother the pet lover can also encounter frustration from a doorbell being rung. For those who love their furry friends but just don’t love there non stop singing voices this is the delivery sign for you.

#4 Carriers/Deliveries Please Ring Bell Sign

Delivery Signs- Please Ring Bell Sign

As opposed to the young mother and the dog lover.  You may be the type of person that loves when your delivery person rings the bell and lets you know that your package has arrived.  If that’s you then this is the delivery sign for you. It makes it clear to delivery personnel that you would like your doorbell rung.

#5 Please Leave Oversized Packages Here Sign

Delivery Signs- Oversized Packages Sign

This sign is for all those times the package won’t fit inside your parcel box. If you have a specific place you would like your large and oversized packages to go hanging this sign will help get your package delivered to the right place.

Conclusion: Please Lord, Give Me a Sign

Now I know your all exited to grab your sign and start having your packages delivered, after all delivery signs are a simple and inexpensive way to solve a variety of your problems, but that does not mean that they will solve everything.

Remember to always pick a precise and clearly visible sign. Then ensure that it is placed in an easily seen location. You can test out different sign placement locations to find the best one. Place your sign on your parcel box, place it on the wall above it, place it by the doorbell. Try different places and keep it in the location that gets the best results.

In addition always double check your delivery notes. You don’t want your delivery instructions to tell the delivery person to do something contrary to your sign. Making sure your notes and signs give the same message helps to prevent confusion and frustration.  For example don’t put up a sign that says “Please Ring Doorbell” and a Delivery note that says “Do not ring doorbell”. Another example would be a sign that says “please leave all packages in box” and a note that reads “Please deliver packages to the garage”. Giving your delivery driver mixed messages is a surefire way to give you a headache. So when placing up a sign ensure all notes and signs send the same message.

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