Dvault Deposit Vault Review

There is nothing more annoying than being unable to locate an important package that has been delivered to your home and so many things can happen. Your pet can make off with it, the wind can blow it away, the rain can make it into a soggy mess etc. to relieve your frustration we recommend you get a dropbpx to make it easy on you and your delivery drivers. In this Dvault Deposit Vault Review I’ll go over why this dropbox is one of the best choices for those with a long driveway with a gate at the end.

The 3 Best Parcel Boxes in 2021 - Dvault Dropbox

Dvault Deposit Vault Specifications

Dimensions‎19 x 19 x 40 inches
MaterialHeavy Duty Steel
Lock typelock and key
Batteries requiredNo
Assembly requiredNo (Fully Assembled)
Our Rating9.5/10

Overview of the Dvault Deposit Vault


This Drop Box is made out of Heavy duty galvanized steel and is probably one of the most secure out of the parcel boxes I’ve seen. It is also fairly large and will allow for several days worth of deliveries to fit inside before having to gather them up.   If you’re someone who goes on long trips this drop box will help put your mind at ease knowing that your packages will be safe while you’re gone.  The Dvault Deposit Vault is Designed with a posi-lock system there is a demonstration of the effectiveness of this design in the youtube video below.  Due to the design, durability and weight I would say this is one of the most secure parcel drops on the market.


This thing weighs 92 pounds and is one of the heavier boxes out there there aren’t many people who would go through the trouble of carrying this thing away. That being said I always recommend anchoring your parcel box down. Anchoring your Vault down into cement is the most secure way to make sure that it isn’t carried off or tipped over.

Protection from weather

The Dvault Deposit Vault has a commercial grade powder coating finish which gives it a high weather resistance. It is designed with a dimpled false bottom to help protect from leaky packages or any moisture that may get to the inside.


This Vault is surprisingly spacious and will fit most box sizes. The Maximum package size it can fit is 16.9″ W x 9.25″ H x 12″ D. Only the largest type of boxes won’t fit as the drop space is quite spacious. Unfortunately your dog food and your chewy boxes won’t fit inside.

Will it stop porch pirates?

A lot of Porch Pirates are opportunists they are look for something that’s visible and easy to grab. They usually won’t go up to your door unless they see an exposed package. For others the majority won’t go through the hassle of trying to break into a locked parcel box. They may however try to steal the entire thing so it is important that you anchor your lockbox down using an anchoring method. This dropbox is extremely durable, to be honest any dropbox can be broken into with enough effort but I must say this one is probably the hardest one to break into due to it high quality materials and design.


One of the most secure dropboxes made out of secure steel with posi-lock system to thwart break in attempts

Fully Assembled
You won’t have to spend an hour looking over the instructions and trying to figure out what goes where.

Easy to use
Extremely convenient for delivery drivers. make sure to put up a sign and leave a note so that they know where to drop off the package.


This Dropbox is expensive compared to many competitors, but it does have a 5 year limited warranty.

This thing is heavy so make sure you know where you want it, because once its there this guys not moving.

No Technology
There are several options available now that allow you to access your packages with your phone or a code and help you track your packages. check them out here

My Experience as a Delivery Driver

These drop boxes are too easy to use, they make my job really easy. Make sure you put up a sign telling your drivers where your dropbox is located, without a note or sign we may not see your drop box. You can take a look at my article about proper signage here. What impressed me the most about using this box is that it was able to fit boxes I didn’t think it would, it is larger that it looks.


The Dvault Deposit Vault is one of the most secure parcel drops out there. It has a nice design comes is several colors and has a 5 year limited warranty. There’s a reason the price tag is higher as this drop box is a cut above the rest when it comes to its security, its materials and its size. Not having to assemble it yourself is just an added bonus. I highly recommend this Deposit vault in situations where you have a gate in higher risk areas and don’t want you’re delivery driver to come up your driveway. It is also a good choice if you want to create a custom drop for an office or business. If security is your biggest concern then this is the one I’d recommend for you.

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