Keter Parcel Drop Box Review

During this past year online shopping and delivery services have increased at an alarming rate. Its easy, convenient, and has helped keep our families safe in an uncertain world. However with the increase in online orders and deliveries porch pirates have similarly become more prevalent. In this Keter Parcel Drop Box Review, I will go over the various features of the Keter Parcel Drop Box. I hope I can help you decide if this is the parcel box for you and help protect your deliveries.

Keter Parcel Drop Box Review

Keter Parcel Drop Box Review Specifications

Dimensions24.44 x 21.12 x 44.09 inches
Lock typepadlock
Batteries requiredNo
Assembly requiredYes
Our Rating9/10

Overview of the Keter Parcel Drop Box

As a Delivery Driver I have seen a lot of different types of bins, baskets, and boxes.  There are different options to keep your packages safe. However If you are searching to upgrade your old plastic bin or are looking for a stylish addition to your front porch then this parcel box might be the one for you. The Keter Delivery Box is a bit on the pricy side but works extremely well. It will keep your packages safe from any evildoers who may want to abduct them.

Keter Parcel Drop Box Features


This Parcel Box has a unique one way two tray delivery system. When a package is placed on top of the tray it is dropped down to the lower chamber. When it is opened again the two trays act as a buffer preventing anyone from trying to stick their hands down into the box to get a package.   This along with a lockable door to the lower chamber make this drop box very secure.  A padlock or similar type of lock is not included and is required to secure the chamber door.


This Parcel Box comes with anchoring screws so that you can secure your parcel box. You can secure it to either cement or wood to ensure it will not be stolen. The bottom has a compartment that can be filled with weighted material as an alternative to anchoring. Due to its larger size its much less likely someone would make off with it.

The anchoring point is at the bottom of the box beneath the main chamber preventing someone without access from removing the anchoring screws from outside.

Protection from weather

This parcel box is made out of a durable weather resistant resin and will protect your package from the rain and the other elements. Nothing lasts forever though so I always recommend you to keep your parcel box in a sheltered area despite its weather resistant design. This will help the box to preserve itself in good condition for as long as possible.


The chamber is quite spacious at 21″ x 24″ and will fit most packages, parcels, and boxes. However, if the box is too tall or large when placing the package inside the lid will not close and the box will not drop. For the average consumer though, this parcel box is more than adequate and will fit the majority of your packages.

Will it stop porch pirates?

A lot of Porch Pirates are opportunists they are look for something that’s visible and easy to grab. They usually won’t go up to your door unless they see an exposed package. For others the majority won’t go through the hassle of trying to break into a locked parcel box. They may however try to steal the entire thing so it is important that you anchor your Parcel box down using an anchoring method. Its also important that your purchase a good lock.


The design is sleek and aesthetically pleasing

Decent size
The lower chamber will fit most parcels and boxes even if you have multiple deliveries

Once the Package is dropped into the lower chamber access to the package is restricted to all but the one with the key or combination.


This Parcel box is a little bit more expensive than a few of its competitors

Assembly is required
Assembly is required and can be challenging

PadLock is not included
A padlock or other locking mechanism is not included in the design and must be purchased separately.

My Experience as a Delivery Driver

The first time I used this parcel box I was actually a little confused as to how to open it since I was expecting it to be the type that opens from the side. Luckily there were some clearly marked signs that said lift here and I figured out it opened from the top. I also didn’t even see the “Packages” wording at the top until I took a closer look at it . If your worried about your drivers not seeing your parcel box or having issue with opening it add some signs to help them out. Other than big boxes not fitting I haven’t had any other issues with using this parcel box.


The Keter Parcel Drop Box is a very good choice . I’ve seen fewer of these boxes out there but I’ve still seen them around. As a driver I like this drop box because its fast and easy to use. Its secure and will keep your packages protected from the majority of porch pirates. I would recommend this parcel box for anyone who might be having an issue with their packages going missing and want a more stylish option. I strongly recommend a clear and visible sign for those who go with this parcel box.

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