The Best Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks for Your Front Door

As technology has progressed, great strides continue to be made in both home automation and convenience. Biometric Fingerprint door locks are starting to come to the surface. This technology is relatively new and it takes time to gain reliability and credibility as you might see as we go through a few of the products.

Why You Should Get a Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

Ultimately Biometric door locks are one of most secure and convenient types of door lock. Many of us have experienced how easy it is to open our phones with just a fingerprint (unless your eating a bag of chips of course). The same can be said for newer cars that have key fobs and buttons on the handle that unlock your door without the need for fumbling for and with your keys. A biometric door lock makes it simple to gain access to your home for family members and friends but difficult for anyone else.

When you get home from the grocery store or a trip, your kids don’t have to wait on you or bug you for your keys. They can just press with their finger and open the way for the rest of the family. This is much preferable to the “mom I need the keys mom, mom, mooommmm” or the blockade of people you need to get through when your hands are full. Some of these door locks also make it easy for you to track who comes and goes, allowing you to see when your kids come and go from school or other places… of course they don’t need to know that.

These locks aren’t only convenient for homes but can also be used for businesses or clubs. You can get one for your office and give access to your managers. employees or whoever else you want to. They can also be useful for clubs giving access to club members or visitors.

What to Look for When Buying a Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

There are a few things you will want to take into consideration when making the transition from a traditional lock and key door lock to a biometric fingerprint door lock.

Long Battery Life

One of the first things that you should verify is how long the battery life is and how easy it is to either swap out or charge the batteries. If the batteries only last for a few months or have to be changed consistently it can be quite a hassle adding on one more thing to your already full list of things that you have to do. Always make sure to use the type of batteries recommended. If the manual says use alkaline use alkaline, if it says don’t use recharchables don’t use rechargeables. There are also times when tightening the cover too tightly may cause an issue so take that into consideration as well. So all in all #1 make sure your biometric lock has a long battery life and that the batteries are easily accessible.

Wi-fi Compatibility

With the advancement of home automation many of the Biometric door locks are connected to Wi-Fi. This can allow you to open your door from anywhere in the world or send codes that can be programmed into your door for cleaners, babysitters, or neighbors etc. Some of them may only be compatible with 2.4ghz and not with 5ghz. Others may need to be very close to the router, so verify the Wi-Fi compatibility so that you don’t end up purchasing something that won’t work with your connection or house set up.

Functionality and Features

This is one of the more important things to take into consideration when purchasing a biometric door lock. You want to make sure that the door lock will work for you and your door. You want to make sure that you will be able to enter your home in the event that the battery dies or if the biometric locks you out. Too many failed attempts or other malfunctions may occur, so purchasing a lock that has more than one method to unlock your door may be the thing that saves you in the event of the unexpected.

The Best Biometric Fingerprint Door Locks

Here are the reviews of what I consider to be some of the most unique and best fingerprint door locks that are currently on the market. Keep in mind that there are several other options available and it’s always best to look at the reviews on Amazon and to do your own research when making your choice.

Lockly Secure Pro

best biometric fingerprint door locks -  Lockly Secure Pro

The Lockley Secure Pro is a great pick. This Biomentric Door Lock has a unique pin system that changes the positions of the numbers ensuring that the pin can’t be copied by people viewing from a distance. This may get annoying for some but it certainly prioritizes your safety. Fear not however, as there is a fingerprint sensor is on one side allowing you to bypass the code and enter your home with a quick scan of your finger. Take note that the side scanner design can cause an issue if your doors frame is too close to the handle on the right side of your door. This design flaw can prevent you from using biometric option. So if you go with this product make sure your door is compatible with the design as there have been reports of difficult installations and setup, otherwise this option is a very good choice.


The design is sleek and aesthetically pleasing with several different design styles to choose from.

Long Battery life
Battery life will last up to a year under normal operation conditions

The Numbers on the display consistently change locations protecting pins from being copied even if viewed from a distance.


Design Flaw
Biometric reader is only on one side and can be blocked if too close to door frame

Challenging Installation
Bore Hole Size must be 2 1/8 “. The lock will only fit doors with the correct bore hole size some older homes may have smaller bore hole sizes.

Kwikset Halo Touch

best biometric fingerprint door locks -  Kwikset Halo Touch

Compared to its competitors the Kwikset Halo Touch biometric door lock seems to be a more straightforward and simple design. It does not have a key pad or a key fob and seems more similar to a traditional deadbolt. However it does have a unique aspect that most other models are lacking. The re-key feature allows you to replace your old key with a new key. This feature is optimal for property managers who frequently have new people coming and going out of their properties or for those who regularly change their door locks . It allows you to give each new tenant a new key ensuring your new residents feel secure and remain safe.


Simple Design
Simple and straightforward design not big or bulky on the outside

Easy Installation
Can be easily installed with a screwdriver

Has a re key feature that allows one to easily change out an old key for a new key.


This Lock is a little bit on the expensive side for number of features

Poor Customer Satisfaction
High percentage of negative feedback from customers makes this lock a more risky purchase.

Penmama Smart Lock

best biometric fingerprint door locks -  Penmama smart Lock

We have included this Biometric Door Lock as a less expensive option. At the time this article was written this door lock had very little negative feedback suggesting that it might be a one of the better choices out there. Furthermore this product has a variety of features including biometric, keypad, IC card, traditional key, and app access options, there is also the option to input several additional numbers into the keypad including the passcode to gain entry to your home. This allows you to add decoy numbers before or after your passcode and still allow you entry to your home, throwing off those who might want to copy your code. You can also enter secure mode disabling the keypad and IC card if you wish. Ultimately there was not enough data to make a comprehensive review for this product however for those looking for a excellent product this might be the one to keep your eyes on.


High Positive feedback
Most seem to have had a positive experience with this product.

Great Features
This Door lock has 5 different access options ensuring you can get access to your home.

Decent Price
This door lock is cheaper than a lot of its competitors.


Venturesome Buy
Still relatively new and untested by time.

Ultraloq U Bolt Pro

best biometric fingerprint door locks -
Ultraloq U Bolt Pro

This is another more affordable option. It has a wide range of features and options with the auto unlock being the highlight of this lock. The auto unlock option is supposed to connect to your phones Bluetooth and unlock your door for you so you don’t even have to input your finger, a pretty handy feature. You can also receive notifications of when family members arrive at home and how the lock opened. This allows you to track who comes and goes from your home. There have been reports of the app being slow and certain features also being slow or unresponsive. This product has an 18 month warranty and we always suggest verifying the return policy. Although there is some negative feedback with regards to this product overall it has a wide variety of convenient features for its price.


Great Features
6 access features and up to a year battery life

Easy Installation
The Installation is easy and can be completed with a screwdriver.

Tracks who has entered and when and allows for additional digits before and after code for secure code input


Slow App
There have been reports of the app being slow to connect and certain features being unresponsive

Poor Customer Service
There have also been reports of slow response or poor customer service

My Experience as a Delivery Driver

Amazon in particular is starting to make different delivery options available. There are in garage, in gate, in home, in car deliveries available in certain zip codes. Due to the outbreak of Covid in home and in car deliveries are temporarily paused. If you are interested in these options you can check them out on Amazons website with the link below. In garage deliveries are generally pretty smooth and hassle free, just remember that if your have deliveries from more than one account being delivered to your home at once and one requests garage delivery and the other does not you will likely find your packages in two separate locations as the driver will only have access to the garage for that one delivery.

Key by Amazon


Although more secure and often times more convenient, according to out research this technology is still relatively new and the manufacturers are still working out the kinks. There are many reports of those that are very satisfied with their initial purchase but have encountered difficulties later on whether it be from difficulty setting up, malfunctions, poor customer service, or poor battery life. So we suggest you check the return policy and warranty on any product you may purchase. We recommend you go into the purchase of this product with the understanding that it is a newer technology and do adequate research of your own to ensure that the product that you purchase fulfills your most important requirements.

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