The Danger of the Dogs

As a delivery driver one of the challenges that we encounter on a daily basis is the constant threat of unseen and aggressive canines. Most of the dogs we encounter are harmless and I have a soft spot in my heart for a lot of them, however some of them are mean, aggressive, and dangerous. They can cause no small amount of stress. One of the smartest and most effective ways that I’ve seen a customer manage there pets is to set up a wireless dog fence.

When I would deliver to this particular home I would be able to deliver their packages to their designated location with ease because their pets were constrained to a different part of the property. It made my life so much easier and I was extremely grateful to them, because I knew that I wasn’t going to be attacked, that there package wasn’t going to be chewed up and that I wouldn’t have to be worried of running over one of there close companions. This is not the norm though.

Normally I have to be aware at all times, constantly on the look out for any dogs that may pop out of nowhere. This is why I want to reiterate to you the importance of managing your pets. As much as I do love some of the dogs I encounter day to day, there are many times I just wish that that animals that come to greet me would be contained even if they are thought to be harmless. Every single day a dog will come out and start barking and circling my vehicle. This makes my job more difficult because it is difficult to see where they are and I don’t want to hit them or run them over. Furthermore I don’t always know if they are friendly. Several of my co workers have been attacked and I myself have had some pretty close calls. There are a few houses I have delivered to in the past in particular where this was a consistent problem.

At one of these homes their dog would run at top speed towards my van with no fear and it seemed like it was almost trying to get run over. It would also always chase after my vehicle from the side and seem to be trying to get in front of it. To put it simply this dog was a problem as it would pop out of nowhere and I would have to be very carful not to run it over. This same property had another dog as well. This one also had a peculiar behavior, as I would get out of the vehicle it would be lazing about, not giving a care that I was there, the first time I was there I thought it was harmless, but the moment I approached close to the front door to deliver the package the dog instantly started to go into crazy and aggressive mode. You can imagine that I wanted to give this home owner a piece of my mind as both of their pets were completely unmanaged.

One other home I delivered to had a dog that would run around and bite at the back of my vehicle also causing me no small amount of frustration and at yet another I encountered a sign that said on the gate please deliver to the front door and when I was delivering the package 5 dogs came from the back of the house and started to bark and circle me with one of them nipping at my legs.

One of my co workers was mauled in the face by a dog that he did not see that ran out the open front door and had to be sent to the hospital all of this happened in the presence of the owner. He ended up being ok, but you can imagine being the owner of that animal.

Recently I read an article of a 77 year old woman that was killed on her front porch by a neighbors dogs that escaped from their property. The owner was charged with negligent homicide. To prevent stress, lawsuits, and injury I ask that you protect your pets, your delivery drivers, and yourselves.

There are many ways to help your delivery drivers. The first and best thing you can do is put up a sign on your gates and properties to alert them that you have a dog on your property. You can also write a note to them informing them that you have dogs on your property. You may also consider getting a wireless dog fence if you have some very unruly and loud dogs.

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